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Happy Friday


"You Are A Star"

Will it never end? Say what you will, but Paris really does put herself on the line by continuing to display her sisterly devotion by forever wearing one of these:

Like so:


Malignant Morphings

Take 1:

Take 2:

Blind Item

WHICH simple blonde shocked staff at a French nightclub by demanding thousands of pounds worth of free booze? The ligging lady in question was given short shrift, so she threw a huge tantrum.

Paris Hilton. Frolicking in St Tropez, bien sur. Note subtle inclusion of 'simple'.

Note To Paris: Wearing anything designed by Nikki Hilton will not obfuscate the failure of 'Chick'. Your efforts at sisterly support are, however, admirable.


...And Britney Trumps Them All

There is nothing left to be said.

Being Barefoot: Take 1

Nothing says 'boho chic' like a pair of calice-ridden, dirt-covered feet.

The unsanitary trend starts with Sienna Miller.

Continues with Nicole Richie.

And ends, most horrifyingly, with scruffy, erstwhile porno stud Colin Farrell. (Thus reaching an unnatural conclusion)


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