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Trendsetters: Reproduction

As you might know, pregnancy is the latest Hollywood trend. And who would have guessed that the frappuccino-guzzling Britney Spears would have jumpstarted such a move?

Garfleck followed suit, rumours have the imperious J-Lo and the disgustingly beautiful Brangelina doing the same. However much we'd like to forget, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are undoubtedly expecting - their spawn a product of Moore's $400,000 plastic surgery. (Would the young whippersnapper have become so enamored otherwise?)

Which begs the question - who's next? I suggest several pairings.
  1. Paris & Paris - A wealthy, Guns 'N' Roses - loving spawn, clad in Nikki Hilton-designed clothing, the Dior Demon Child will undoubtedly share its parents' moniker, destined for a pained, yet fascinatingly unusual celebrity.
  2. Nicole Ritchie & DJ AM - Putting Nicole back on top of the 100 pound mark. And the size 2. (There's no better way to get a girl healthy than to knock her up)
  3. Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey - Because the tabloids need fodder, and the Lacheys are always entertaining, however little evolutionary success such an IQ-challenged pairing might bring.


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