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A Sad Day

Lindsay and Nicole? Too skinny.

Kelly O? Too fat.

The public is unhappy no matter your size. But it's nice to think some surgery can change that.

A dire day for one whom many saw as inspiration to those eschewing the Scarface diet for something a little healthier.

Kelly Osbourne has revealed that when the time comes, she will be 'sucked and tucked'.

The 21-year-old has recently come out of rehab after depression following unkind comments about her body.

Kelly went into therapy after jibes about her voluptuous figure finally got to her, as her mum Sharon confirmed:

"Essentially, Kelly had a breakdown because of her weight. They've always made fun of the way she looked. But this time, it was worse, and she could take it no more."

But now out of rehab, Kelly is determined to love her body, even if that means she has to indulge in a bit of surgery, according to Closer magazine.

'I don't think anyone is completely happy with the way they look,' she said.

'But I don't hate myself.'

'When I get older, I'm getting sucked and tucked. Look at my mother for God's sake! She looks fabulous and, if she can do it, why can't I?'
Courtesy of Ananova.


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