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Paris Hilton, Served

And not by John McEnroe.
With her own personal empire well on its way to rivalling that of her famous family's, Paris Hilton is used to getting what she wants. It seems the blonde bombshell will have to give up on her dream of getting married in the same place as Princess Diana, though, because officials in London have ruled her ineligible.

Paris has made no secret of her desire to walk down the aisle with namesake Paris Latsis in the historic environs of Britain's most important cathedral. "I've got my heart set on a ceremony in St Paul's," she declared recently. "I've always wanted to be a princess on my big day and only a wedding in England could make that happen."

Those in charge of the magnificent baroque church, which is one of the most celebrated features of London's skyline, say they will be unable to accommodate the glamorous 24-year-old, however. "Only royalty can marry on the cathedral floor," affirmed a representative. "You can't buy your way in, no matter how rich you are."

The news will come of something of a blow to the love-struck heiress, but it is unlikely to put a dampener on her blossoming romance. At the moment she is holidaying with her fiance in his Greek homeland and it appears she is much taken with the Mediterranean country. "Paris won't be getting married in Britain," confirmed her spokesman. "She's currently in Greece and it looks like it will be happening there." [HELLO!]


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