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Olsen Twins

They're billionaires, so naturally, they're fashion icons. You want to be fashionable, don't you? Try your hand at hobo chic, a variation of boho chic, popularized by the pint-sized Olsen Twins.
  1. oversized sunglasses - used primarily to obscure the eyes of a crackfiend, oversized sunglasses convey an image of decadent absurdity
  2. oversized, flowing tops - if your body shape/size is evident, you've not gone big enough
  3. dirty hair - use styling products for that authentic, shower-free homeless look
  4. grandfather cardigans - think kurt cobain, and order several sizes up
  5. extra large coffee - a state of constant caffeine-induced nervoud energy is necessary to complete your look
And remember, if it looks store-bought, try again! Hobo Chic doesn't come cheap - best accesorized by a Balenciaga bag!

For further advice, consult your local city park.


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