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The Evolution Of Kathy Hilton

The Hilton media blitz is never-ending - from the engagement of the Parises, to the break with BFF Nicole Ritchie, or the over-eager appearances on red carpets everywhere, the Hilton name is inescapable.

And now, when you thought their five minutes were nearly over, appears another Hilton - Kathy, Paris and Nikki's mom. From the days of Paris' limited New York City celebrity, Kathy has been trying to get involved. Years later, the Hilton matriarch has succeeded. But was she planning this all along?

The answer is, undeniably, yes. We all know of the stage mom, preening her youth for the celebrity she, secretly, dreams of. But where Kathy Hilton differs is the goal of this preening. Tabloid whoredom.

In 2000, Paris became a regular fixture on the New York social scene. Page Six had a trademark on all things Hilton, her name known to few save avid readers of David Patrick Columbia's 'New York Social Diary' - long before the appearance of a saucy sex tape and a surprisingly successful 'Simple Life'.

But, for those of us following Paris' path for the last five years, Kathy's involvement has always been questioned. Photographic evidence - delineated (in chronological order) below - demonstrates the veracity of our unnerving hypothesis. As the timeline clearly shows, Kathy's style has changed significantly as her daughter's star has risen. Going from the society matriarch of 2003, to the tanned, hip momma of 2005 - note the fashionable 'boho' tunic and company of young, attractive men - Kathy has transformed utterly. And her desire to be Paris doesn't end there (Please, don't let there be a One Night With Rick and Kathy Hilton).

Momma Hilton now has her very own reality show - 'I Want To Be A Hilton'. It's a simple premise: we all hate Paris, but we hate her because, at the end of the day, we really want to be her. While that might be true - I myself am guilty of such grotesque duality - there are other reasons for Paris obsession.
  • Self-Ironic Comedy
  • Clever Catchphrase
  • Sense Of Horror/Elation
  • 'That's Hot'
Having established this, The show has proven a failure - only 6.8 million viewers tuned into the show's premier, a verifiable failure. Kathy's moment as Paris has come and gone, only it never came to begin with.


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